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校规 Regulations

校规 Regulations

Student Regulations:

  1. Listen to and respect your teacher.
  2. Let the teacher know if you need to use the bathroom.
  3. No eating (including chewing gum) in the class.
  4. Show respect to other students.
  5. Raise your hand and don't call out.
  6. Don't talk when you are not supposed to.
  7. Always try your best.
  8. Don't laugh at another student's mistakes.
  9. Don't tease people.
  10. No bad language.
  11. Come to class prepared.
  12. Walk quietly in the hallway, don't run or sprint.
  13. No pushing, shoving or fighting.
  14. Take good care of the school facilities.
  15. Dress properly. No A-shirts and slippers.
  16. Finish homework on time.



Parent Regulations:

The school has a Committee of Parents. Parents need to be on duty by turn every week, helping to keep order and ensure the students' safety, check the classroom after the class to make sure that it is clean and tidy, and distribute the notice of the school.

The school hold all kinds of competitions , such as recital of poems, composition and story-telling, so as to enhance the students' interest in learning Chinese. Parents are expected to support these competitions. Teachers will hold a meeting with parents during the fourth week. If necessary, a private meeting between the teacher and the parents can be arranged by themselves.

Should the parents have any opinion about the way of teaching of their children's teachers or about the performance appraisal of the students, they may let the school Administration know.

Parents are not supposed to take their children to attend another class as they please. Students can only be transferred or placed with the proposal of the teacher and the approval of the Administration. Before their transfer or placement, students must ask for a certificate of transfer or placement.

In case of the weather or an emergency which affects the opening of the school, it is the Administration which can decide to cancel the class and inform the teachers accordingly. The Committee of Parents will inform the students.

Should a parent want to sit in the class, he or she should contact the Administration beforehand for permission.


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学校管理 Board and Administration

学校准规 LISOC Bylaws

注册指南 Guideline

值班手册 On-duty Handbook

校规 Regulations


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