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    There are two final chorus rehearsals left: 11/21 and 12/5. Please try not to miss any of them. We still welcome more parents to join us. It's a great way of entertaining ourselves. Our final rehearsal on 12/5 will be especially crucial. Please dress up that day. We will try to get everyone a black binder.


    The Festival will be on Sat., 12/11. All choral members will get a free ticket. Meanwhile, the organizing committee expects each team to sell some tickets to their families or other non-singing parents. It is $10 per ticket ($50 each for VIPs).

    I am pleased to inform that the school administration has decided to pay for up to 30 tickets for non-singing parents and children. Families of choral members, as well as other parents and children, who wish to go there as our "cheer leading" companions, may contact Chen Qun, our principal, who has received these 30 tickets. First come, first served.


    Please visit: http://www.shenlaw.com/att/map.pdf


    Please visit (also available on our school website, http://www.lisoc.org): http://www.shenlaw.com/att/caoyuan.pdf http://www.shenlaw.com/att/kalinka.pdf


    I have contacted quite some companies for a quote for bussing us to the theater. The quotes now are $950 & up. I will get more quotes between tomorrow and Monday. If any of you have connections with any travel company or bussing company, please see whether you can help get a cheaper bus (with at least 40 seats).

本周活动 This Week

  1. 本校将开设音乐舞蹈班.如果你的孩子有兴趣参加,请与成丽虹联系LihongC@aol.com或星期天与他面谈.LISOC will offer a music/dance class soon. If your kid(s) are interested in such a class, please contact Cheng Lihong at LihongC@aol.com or talk to him directly on Sunday.
  2. 花剑班因现有学生过多而无法进行有效教学.我们将其分为3:30-4:30pm 和 4:30-5:30pm二个班.从本周起K-3班上3:30-4:30pm课,其余4-9班上4:30-5:30pm课.对于参加3:30-4:30台拳道及4:30-5:30课的学生,请自行调整好时间. Fencing class will be split into two (3:30-4:30pm and 4:30-5:30pm). The very large number of students in the current class makes it very difficult to teach effectively. Starting from the coming Sunday, K-3 graders should go to the 3:30-4:30pm class, while the 4-9 graders should take the 4:30-5:30pm one. For those kids who currently take the 3:30-4:30 Tai Kwon Do class AND the 4:30-5:30 fencing class, please switch time between these two classes.
  3. 家长会将顺延至下面的两周.如愿与学生教师会谈的家长,请与班级教师联系. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the next two weeks.Please make an appointment with your child(ren)'s teacher directly if you'd like to have such a meeting.




SUNY Old Westbury校园的有关负责人Michael Dolan(516-876-3191)联系。他正在设法帮助我们解决钢琴问题。因为排练教室可能有变,本周日希望大家提前5分钟到达,并一律在大厅等候。


117(元极舞课暂停一天) (地点:C-102 [以当日通知栏为准])
1:30pm-3:30pm: 男声、女声全体排练
1114(元极舞课暂停一天) (地点:待通知)
1:30pm-3:30pm: 男声、女声全体排练
1121(元极舞课暂停一天) (地点:待通知)
1:30pm-3:30pm: 男声、女声全体排练
125(元极舞课暂停一天) (地点:待通知)
1:30pm-4:30pm: 男声、女声全体排练

: 根据上周一位团员的建议,LiLy已经到法拉盛购买新的样品。上身中式,下身黑长裙。本周日度量、登记每人的尺寸。请务必到场。



歌词:  美丽的草原我的家 Meili de Caoyuan Wo de Jia     

歌词:  卡林喀 Kalinka   

Drawing class issues

For those of you whose kids attend the 3:30-4:30 Drawing Classes, I'd like to ask your understanding of the current situation. The drawing class has been divided into two because a very large number of students wanted to take it. Last week, we found that a few incidents happened in which parents (intentionally) send their kids to the wrong classroom. I would like to point out that this type of conduct is not accepted.
Please be advised that, starting from next week, the two drawing class teachers will call the roll at the beginning of their classes. Students belong to different class will be instructed to go to their respective classroom. I would appreciate it very much if the involved parents could respect the hard work of our administrative team and our teachers to provide the best possible education environment to our kids.

Chen Qun

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